3rd LED-Walkway webinar on energy efficient lighting research and application

On October 28th 2021, the third LED-Walkway webinar on energy efficient lighting research and application took place.

The South African - German Energy Partnership and the South African - German Energy Programme, both implemented by GIZ, supported their partner ‘The Innovation Hub (TIH)’ in hosting a series of webinars on energy efficient lighting out of a demonstration project on energy efficient streetlight retrofit project implemented at TIH in Pretoria. The aim of the demonstration project is to showcase the latest lighting technologies, display products for research development and raise awareness amongst municipalities on energy efficient streetlighting technologies. The demonstration project is funded by the Swiss Government as part of the bilateral agreement with the Republic of South Africa. This is done through the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) under an Energy Efficient Street Lighting Retrofit Project (EEStLRP) implemented by GIZ with the DMRE.

This was the third in a series of three webinars and it focused on energy efficient lighting research and application. It comprised speakers from SMEC South Africa presenting an overview of energy efficient lighting research currently undertaken in South African academic/research institutions and further public & private organisations. SANEDI presented results and experiences from the field application of its Energy Efficient Lighting Tool/App. Finally, a technical input was made by the GIZ – SAGEN Programme focusing on building additional energy efficient lighting demonstration capacity in South Africa. Closing remarks were shared by the GIZ - South African-German Energy Partnership focusing on the importance of establishing the ‘research collaboration platform’ for energy efficient lighting in cooperation with SANEDI. The Energy Partnership would consider supporting such a platform and any research collaboration between South African and German institutions.


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