The South African-German Energy Partnership

South Africa and Germany work together to enhance their roles as regional front-runners and role models for implementing their energy transitions and creating secure, environmentally friendly, and economically successful energy systems.

We support high-level political dialogue, facilitate B2G and fertile business environments, facilitate exchange of best-practices and communicate about the German and South African energy transitions.

Facts & Figures

CO2 Emissions per Capita 2016

South Africa and Germany, even though very differently structured, have pretty similar per capita CO2-emissions. In 2016 they were number 32 (Germany) and 36 (South Africa) of countries with the highest CO2-emissions per capita.

South Africa

Source: Worldbank

Average Sunshine Hours per Year

There are more sunshine hours in South Africa and some experts argue that the least sunny place in South Africa is still sunnier than the sunniest place in Germany. However, Germany has a much higher deployment of photovoltaic systems.

South Africa

Source: UN / World Meteorological Organization (last update 2010)

Municipal Electricty Suppliers (Utilities)

South Africa and Germany both have an energy market on which municipal utilities play a crucial role as suppliers of electricity. While there are 165 licensed municipal distributors in 278 metropolitan and local municipalities in South Africa, there are 741 municipal electricity utilities in the 11,054 local municipalities of Germany.

South Africa
Number of municipal suppliers
Number of municipal suppliers

About the Energy Partnership

Both countries established the South African-German Energy Partnership in 2013 in order to join forces and mutually profit from each other’s experiences, expertise and lessons learnt The Energy Partnership complements the ongoing successful cooperation- and dialogue-programs in the energy sector between both countries, for example the South African-German Energy Programme SAGEN (

The South African-German Energy Partnership aims at developing sustainable and country-specific solutions for dealing with the opportunities and challenges involved in the transition to clean energy.

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Since its establishment in 2013, the South African-German Energy Partnership has achieved numerous milestones and successfully supported the intensifying and deepening of bilateral co-operation in the areas of energy security, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

19 July 2023

Hydrogen Economy Discussion

15 June 2023

South African female participants at the 2nd edition of the Women Energize Women Conference

27 June 2023

Cooperation Agreement on Green Hydrogen between Germany and South Africa

27 March 2023

The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

09 June 2022

Panel on Energy Storage and Alternative Energy Solutions

12 May 2022

South African female participation at the 2022 Women Energize Women conference

10 February 2022


27 May 2021

Virtual High Level Steering Committee Meeting

30 November 2020

Report: Analysis and documentation of experiments on cool roofs and walls in KwaZulu-Natal

20 November 2020

Panel on "energy storage solutions of tomorrow"

What We Can Do For You

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Support Policy Dialogue

We prepare and facilitate high-level intergovernmental meetings on energy matters in Germany and South Africa and support the implementation of agreed activities.

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Advise Decision Makers

With our unique energy expertise we provide political consultancy services on strategically relevant topics, including continuous counselling as well as preparing studies, analyses, workshops, and trainings.

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Connect Business and Politics

We build bridges between politics and business and help you make your position heard in the partnership countries. Work with us and enhance your business in the policy arena.

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Enhance Communication

Clear communication makes undertakings being understood and supported. We support our partners with professional online and offline communication services on the Energiewende in both countries.

"There's more private money now being invested in renewable energy than in traditional sources."

Rainer Baake
Former State Secretary, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Workshops on the Development of a Handbook on Battery Energy Storage facilitated

In 2022 the South African-German Energy Partnership project as implemented by GIZ, facilitated the development of a sanitised Handbook on Battery Energy Storage. The aim of the Handbook is to assist project developers, municipalities and any other person/institution involved and/or interested in implementing a battery energy storage project in South Africa. It is positioned as a source of information for the different available application uses and how storage can assist the national efforts of stabilizing the grid.

Exchange between SA & German Energy Storage Associations

On the 15th of February 2022, the Southern African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AHK) facilitated an initial exchange between the South African Energy Storage Association (SAESA), Bundesverband Energiespeicher (BVES) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für konzentrierte Solarenergie (DCSP). The AHK conducted this exchange on behalf of the South African-German Energy Partnership project as implemented by GIZ.

Launch of the Energy Efficient Lighting Research Collaboration Platform

Third LED-Walkway webinar on energy efficient lighting research

On October 28th 2021, the third LED-Walkway webinar on energy efficient lighting research and application took place.

Knowledge Exchange on Flexible Plant Management

On the 21st of September 2021, the South African - German Energy Partnership in cooperation with the South African - German Energy Program (SAGEN) hosted a knowledge exchange on flexible power plant management between ESKOM and representatives from VGB Power Tech, Siemens Energy and Uniper.

Second LED-Walkway webinar on energy efficient lighting research

The second LED-Walkway webinar on energy efficient lighting research with the topic 'Focus, trends and topics from South Africa and Germany’ took place on 20 July 2021.

Webinar: Information sharing on H2 developments in Germany

First LED-Walkway webinar on energy efficient lighting research

First LED-Walkway webinar on ‘energy efficient lighting research: international experience on energy efficient lighting research and demonstration: sharing know-how and lessons learned’

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Media Elements


Energy and climate partnerships and energy dialogues - 2022 annual report

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Study on Gender Diversity in the Wind and Solar Industries in South Africa

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Report: Carbon Pricing Mechanisms in South Africa and the European Union and their effects on businesses

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Factsheet on Energy Market South Africa 2022

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State of Digitalization in the Building Sector

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Factsheet on the Overview of Energy Efficient Lighting Research in South Africa

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German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

The central task of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action is to reinvigorate the social market economy, allowing it to stay innovative in the long term and strengthen Germany’s social fabric. The Ministry has the legal, administrative and coordinating mandate to fulfill this mission, e.g. in the area of energy.

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE), Republic of South Africa

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMR) is responsible for ensuring exploration, development, processing, utilisation and management of South Africa's energy sources.

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