The mutual introduction of the associations led to a detailed discussion between BVES and SAESA on market conditions and applications for storage. In the discussion BVES and Deutsche CSP provided insights in the structure and organisational set-up of their associations. Common traits between the German and South African associations were identified, including:

  • Relatively new organisations, compared to the counterparts in photovoltaic or wind power industry
  • The associations are active in a niche market of the renewable energy industry – although the niche of storage is expecting a strong growth in medium terms
  • Relatively small pool of potential members when only considering the core of the respective industry

Possible fields of cooperation were not discussed in detail during the initial exchange. Yet, joint market information dissemination, as well as collaboration on the topic of regulation were mentioned. A more structured exchange / transfer of knowledge from the side of the German associations to SAESA on the issues of membership acquisition and income generation was identified as a possible next step.